En la unión está la fuerza

Querido Presidente Trump, No se si todo éste tweeteo es para los Rusos, los Árabes o los inversionistas Chinos pues no hace sentido pensar que el pueblo comparte su opinión en cuanto a Puerto Rico y la ayuda para el Huracán María. Quizás es porque ve al Boricua como ciudadano de segunda clase quasi recíproco... Continue Reading →


Chateau Enginerd: The Builder To Do List

Got the cabinet pulls off the list!!

Mrs. Enginerd - Nerd Whisperer

On the Week 2 blog post, we shared the list of items that were still owed to us by the builder. Almost 4 months in, the crew has barely tackled a few of the items, and many we did ourselves to shorten the list and get the ball rolling. The fence is still uneven and needs some adjustments to be cleared off the list. They haven’t been able to argue convincingly that the yard leveling work will ever happen so we are getting bids to pass them the bill later, if it isn’t resolved to our satisfaction. At least the A/C works now! (Install guys never attached the wiring for the unit to the breaker box. Wow!)

For those curious,  this is what is still missing per the contract:

1. Fence and sod.

2. A/C

3. Laundry vent – not working.

4. Railing.

5. Hot water in tub not working.


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Saint David of Begnaud

Puerto Ricans can keep their sense of humor even under a humanitarian crisis. Category 4 Hurricane María devastated the island this past September 20th, and people are desperate to get news and updates from relatives and friends in the disaster zones. CBS sent reporter David Begnaud to cover the storm before it hit and he... Continue Reading →

Natural Disaster Fatigue

Hurricane Harvey in Houston. Hurricane Irma in the USVI, Virgin Islands (VI), PR, Florida and the east coast of the USA. Category 4 Hurricane María decimating the USVI, the same VI as before and PR. The 7.1 earthquake in Mexico. Forrest fires up and down the Pacific North West. Between fundraisers, donation drop offs, prayers,... Continue Reading →

Temporal, Temporal…

In Puerto Rico we have a very unique name for Atlantic based storms: temporales. We even have a song dedicated to the impact they cause in our immediate lives, the uncertainty of being in the way of the eye of a hurricane. There is something magical about that word because it describes both the temperamental... Continue Reading →

The Teal Pumpkin! (DIY)


Mrs. Enginerd - Nerd Whisperer

One of my friends posted a Huffington Post story about a new trend for the Halloween season: The Teal Pumpkin. This campaign has gained so much strength that even Michael’s sell the already colored decorative pumpkin, giving visibility to the issue of children with allergies. I always wondered how parents managed to make Halloween bareable for kids that could eat Snickers or have candy or treats prepared in environments with nuts and soy. Giving away Skittles and hard candy made me feel a bit less guilty about the situation. Now I have been given the okay to give and advertise non food treats, like playdoh or piñata toys, for those kids who otherwise would risk health complications or would end up throwing their candy away. How cool is that!!

For those who are on a budget and can’t afford the $16.99 Michael’s price tag, or can’t wait to get…

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American Vandal (Netflix)

Everyone knows drawing penises on stuff is funny until someone gets framed for causing 100k in vandalism damage. This is what happened to Dylan Maxwell, an unsuspecting self-professed prankster and class loser, paints himself into a corner due to his obsession with drawing dicks everywhere. According to the School Board, it is obvious that Dylan... Continue Reading →

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