The Layoff

Ten years ago I was a blissful new hire at one of the world’s great aerospace companies. I had placed every single item I owned in a box and convinced my college sweetheart to venture with me into the Pacific Northwest. Little did I know that after a few bumps and severe turbulence I’d be laid off a month after my 10th service anniversary . YES I AM AN ENGINEER!!

Just what a nerd needs…REJECTION!

It felt like a divorce. I wasn’t pretty and young enough. Too expensive. Too progressive. I should have stayed home and had some kids. Don’t worry at least your husband can support you. Be happy you lasted this long.

So what did I do? Apply, apply, apply. If my old love doesn’t take me back soon I’d take him for all he was worth (of the layoff package). He’ll come around…

Week #8 and I’m still waiting. Let me show you what I have done in the meantime.


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