Voices (A Poem)

They tell me what to do and I listen,
Taking turns to impart their wisdom.
Calculating, methodical, completely anachronical,
Pushing me to color outside the lines,
To embrace anarchy and rebel.

Walking the halls of memory,
I can hear them all clearly,
The voices of those whom I lost,
Jimminy Crickets,
In my head,
Pulling me through a life without them.

Guessing only what they’d tell me if they were still here,
I set on a hero’s quest to keep alive their legacy,
My steps confident and unwavering,
Unyielding and reliable,
Ensuring they would be proud of me.

I thank the stars for welcoming them into their brood,
For the light they shine brightly upon me guides me home.
Words cannot express how much I miss them,
How important it is to keep them alive in me.

The sorrow envelops me like a shadow,
Keeps me warm, comfortable;
A second skin that makes me impervious to further loses.
The grief fuels me, inspires me,
No longer a crushing weight,
And prepares me for the departures that linger,

Someday I will transform all this energy into something beautiful.
Someday I will not hear them anymore.
They will die with me.
The silence deafening,
Their love spent well.

I remember when… (A Poem dedicated to the 80s)

I remember when NASCAR didn’t have Truck Races,
Dale Earnhardt was still Intimidating,
Jeff Gordon had Rainbow Warriors,
And Jimmy Johnson had no championships.

I remember when dial up modem tones were a sign of opulence and progress,
When printers were dot matrix
And 3 1/2″ floppy disks were new.
When people had to use a CD from AOL to “download” the internet into their computer (because it didn’t come with a web browser).

I remember when you had to call collect,
And left a message as your name to save the recipient charges,
Waiting next to a payphone for a call back,
Because my parents were running late to pick me up from school.
Their secretary would patch me through to their desks to remind them it was time to clock out and enjoy me.

I remember when videogame characters died after three lives,
The levels got harder as the story progressed,
And you had to take turns to play Super Mario Bros.
We dreamed of the day we could have 3+ players on the same screen.

I remember Jem, The Thundercats, She-Ra, The Jetsons,
Silverhawks, Rainbow Brite and the Care Bears.

I remember LPs, 8 tracks, CRTs,
Pentium computers and RPGs with no walkthroughs.

I remember the world before cell phones and Harry Potter,
When Star Wars and Star Trek were all there was,
And when the world wasn’t a click away.

There are so many memories as a child of the 80s,
Too many to write and ignore.
If I ever could get my hands on a time machine I’d revisit those simpler days,
And the youth that saw technology explode!

Proud to remember it,
Prouder to have lived it all.

I Was A Mom (Poem)

I was a mom once,
A loving, nesting, pregnant mess of surreal possibilities,
And my husband, a dad, that couldn’t stop smiling.
Glee poured out of his pores.
We couldn’t contain our happiness.

For twelve weeks you brought us joy,
The only kind a parent to be can feel.
We were proud to call you our own,
Making plans to spend our lives trekking the world with you,
To not spoil you too much or too little,
To give you a sense of purpose and belonging.

Even though we will never hold you in our arms,
We carry you in our hearts everywhere we go.
It hasn’t been easy, and people have been unempathic to our loss but we have persevered.
Your departure made us stronger, wiser,
More resilient.
Kinder, gentler,
Awake to opportunity and change.

For now we, your parents, walk together the path less travelled,
And vow to love each other as we did you.
The wonder of expecting you,
Our first born and heir,
Will be one of our most beautiful and sad memories,
One we wouldn’t trade it for anything this life could offer.

We are who we are because of you.
Thank you.
Rest my angel, rest.
Love always,

Mom and Dad

Life’s a Journey

There was a road less traveled,
A winding, unkempt, delapidated trail
With lots of promise and road blocks.
It wouldn’t be easy to travel it but it was worth the journey.

I dared to dream, to hope and breathe
Taking the road less traveled would challenge and excite me.
However tough the going got,
I kept going, wishing, enjoying the sacrifices and opportunities to grow.

It wasn’t easy to wander and wonder,
To not have a place to call my own,
But sleeping under the starts guided me to places unknown to me before.
I learned to navigate,
To travel,
To soar.

It will get better as the road becomes a part of me,
As I evolve from this frail shy soul into a woman that can brave it all.
To become bolder and wiser will take careful steps and planning.
Let the winds of change sound the call.
I’m forging a path all my own.


Happy Tail

Wag wag wag,
Ouch! Tear noise.
What happened to my tail?

Lick, lick, lick
Ouch! It hurts.
Shrinks into a little ball and sighs.

The doctor put me in a cone,
A shame I wear to heal,
Bumping into every one and everything I go,
Until I got to sleep.
And when I wake,
Good boy I’ve been,
The cone goes of and I am free!
It went on at night again,
But I got this!
The bandage is my friend,
I’ll leave it be.

And after a week my body will heal,
And my happy tail will wag once more,
free and clear,
I hope, I hope.

Paws crossed!

A poem inspired by Dexter


Love, eternal
Flawless win over death.

endearing and bright in the middle of the darkness.

perennial mistress of heart’s desire.

Bold, gracious and kind keeps these three at bay.

Love, hope and lust wisely.

What I Like About You The Most

What I like about you the most is your friendly stare,
The warmth of your embrace.
The encouragement in your whispers.

What I like about you the most is the passion in your speech,
The many times you claim my heart, my mind and spirit by just being you,
By fighting for a world that’s greater, richer, stronger.

What I like about you the most is your fearlessness,
The courage to stand up against injustice with love, devotion and kindness.
The fire of a thousand suns will never compare to your fierce natural beauty; a beacon of hope in the dark times ahead.

You are my inspiration, my muse.

It is a privilege to be in awe of your grace.
A slave to your desires I shall remain.

Forever yours,


I Am Wonder Woman

This one goes out to the women in my life who are full of wonder, fire, resilience, love and wisdom.

I am love personified,
The neverending fire that fuels desire and dreamers,
The unextinguishable passion that drives humanity’s will to thrive,
To exist.

I am the warrior, the queen of light, the princess of perseverance,
The resilient goodwill towards all creatures and beings on this planet.
The mother, the child, the sister, the lover,
The fighter that never surrenders to bigotry, injustice and inequality.
I give what I take and I take what I give; hope and kindness, generously.

I am faith unyielding,
Born and renewed by the tears of frustration and anxiety.
I will find a way to guide you through the darkness,
To emerge victorious,
We will conquer all your fears,
All your problems,
shield and sword at hand.

I am the lasso of truth,
Your guardian from the lies this world tells you,
Bringing clarity and peace to everything you hear and witness.
No one will ever confuse or manipulate you again since you now hold wisdom and knowledge inside your heart and soul.
Be the beacon so others may emerge from the cloud of uncertainty and doubt.
Fight ignorance and educate the masses. They will welcome your newfound enlightenment.

I am the leader who will take you on the journey of your life,
We shall walk the Earth looking to right wrongs,
Recruiting women of great character and influence to liberate our sisters from tyrannical rule.
We will empower them to succeed and to build a society fit for Amazons,
Where no men shall rule over us or weaken our resolve.
We won’t stand for anything less.

I am Wonder Woman,
fierce, unencumbered by tradition and female stereotypes.
Together we shall break every mold and expectation,
Every glass ceiling and escalator.
We will be genuine, honest and brave regardless of the cost.
Today we stand strong, united, as the battle ahead us demands it.
Love must trump hate.
We shall overcome!

Feed Your Inner Child

Don’t grow up to fast
Find wonder in every thing,
In every thought,
In every living creature.

Wear your Mickey ears,
Your R2D2 dress,
Your lightsabers.
Be free of worry and dare to be you.
No one else can pull it off quite as well.

Dream of spaceship and space missions,
Build rockets that can take flight.
From here to the moon, Mars and beyond we venture,
Imagining everything is possible when you believe.

Take walks in the rain,
Slide into a pool,
Run around in circles,
Play hopscotch.
Don’t let anyone tell you that it is too late to laugh, to be silly.
Those who feed their inner child are the only ones who are truly free.

Enjoy each moment as it was the only one you had.
Make memories that last a lifetime.

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