Big Book Sale by Friends of The Seattle Library

With prices ranging from $1 to $4 based on the type of book or media selected you cannot go wrong visiting the Exhibition Hall at the Seattle Center to secure rare finds. They have graphic novels, movies in DVD, audiobooks, old and rare collections, and even never used or lightly used books! Thanks to social media and nerdy patrons, the event was a success. There were so many patrons they had to close the doors and form a queue just so they could process sales faster.

I wss impressed with the selection and quality of the used items. As part of the library’s collection and/or consignment, the offerings were endless. For example, they had Books for early 1900s, The Office BBC series and vinyl. Paying with cash or credit was a breeze as they have many tellers to charge you after thr table volunteers count your loot and tally up the check. I got 10 books for $20. All brand spanking new and from this decade. 🙂

Running Friday to Sunday, take advantage of this sale. It is a book lover’s paradise.


QuirkBooks: Keeping Nerd Awesome One Book At A Time

During the Emerald City Comic Con I had the idea of swinging by the QuirkBooks booth about an hour before the convention ended and walked into a frenzied discounted product sale! Woop woop! Their add in the event’s program guide piqued my interest because they carried a book called Wonder Women and once I got there they had so many geektastic offerings that it was hard to walk away with just one. The staff was very generous and gave visitors the last of the tote bags with lots of freebies and goodies. 😆😊

The first item I picked out to read from the stuffed goodie bag was Stuff Every Geek Should Know. This thin booklet didn’t have a bar code on it or ISBN so assume they must give it away for free at Cons and special events. My only regret is that I didn’t take more because my friends would love owning one of these manuals to ensure successful geek coexistence with the real world. 🤓😛 Their bit about hacking your online profile, naming children after your favorite characters and ways for nerds and geeks to make friends at cons were hilariously accurate. Their advice was dead on! Can’t wait to try it.

I liked the rhetoric and aloof writing style so much I decided to review the offerings I purchased by blog article to share them with my peeps and future readers. My hope is y’all visit the store’s webpage and sponsor the endeavor. It was really cool to finally find material I could relate to and enjoy. I’d like to contribute to their success too!

Wonder Women

Sam Maggs wrote a compilation of stories that focus on women who are recognized as pioneers and overachievers in their respective fields. Illustrated by Sophia Foster-Dimino, gorgeously designed page backgrounds are filled with factual data and quirks about each selected superstar. Great book to inspire and teach children of all genders and orientations about the achievements of female scientists, innovators, adventurers and even spies that shaped our modern world. 🔬🔬🔬🔬

The Geek’s Guide To Dating


Have you ever wondered how geeks manage to navigate relationships successfully? Are you stuck in the dating world’s Neutral Zone? Do you need bonafide geek advice to find your Player Two? This book will help you figure out what kind of nerd you are and what steps to take to find a quest-mate. Although it relates to dating it can also help you build any type of relationship, reagardless of geek status and gender or sexual preferences. Be prepared to honestly take stock of your character stats and get your stores in order to embark on this hilarious journey of introspective self discovery. The geek references alone are worth every copper piece spent! (This book is a good read for the married geeks looking to spark things up again, nerd style.) 😄😄😄😄

Geek Wisdom: The Sacred Teachings of Nerd Culture, Edited by Steven H Segal


Filled with quotes from around Nerdom, this book will remind any geek and nerd why they fell in love with the sci-fi and fantasy genres in the first place. Asimov, Huxley, Ralph Wiggum and Mae Jemison, to name a few, are featured in this work to remind us that many of the truisms and phrases we use daily come from our beloved geek heroes; the people who shaped the sci-fi, fantasy and actual scientific writings into mainstream speak. Reading its pages reminded me of my childhood and upbringing, of the many one liners I drop on people hoping they understand where I am coming from, to find my tribe. Excellent gift for nerds, geeks and posers alike. 🤓🤓🤓🤓


Stories from Females in The Table Top Game Industry 

When I was about 10 years old I wanted to design and manufacture toys and games. Because of my ever expanding and diverse hobby list, my mentors recommended that I pursue a career path that would allow me to transition to such industries if I ever felt compelled to revisit my desire to join the game designer ranks. Ten years into my mechanical engineering career, I had the opportunity to think about this goal but there is one thing that have always kept me from pursuing it: knowing that women are still not treated as equals in this male dominated field, a sentiment I can attest to besed on my own experiences as a female engineer.

My questions were answered by sheer serendipity. Out of the blue, booth appeared in the middle of the 2017 Emerald City Comic Con main floor right next to where I was standing. Magic! Between the many books one caught my eye: Girls on Games, A Look At The Fairer Side of the Tabletop Industry.  Curated by game designer Elisa Teague, the narrative is comprised of stories from the industry’s iconic and very distinguished women that explore what works, what doesn’t work, what has changed and what needs to transpire to modernize the gaming workforce who needs to embrace diversity and evolve. Incorrect and outdated is now the notion that women aren’t gamers – see Women in Gaming for stats – and furthermore, that they aren’t good enough to be effective contributors and change agents in the industry.

Mike Selinker, CEO of Lone Shark Games offers up in the foreword that women are needed and more than welcome in his company since the diversity of thought and experiences they bring to the table are what make companies like his shine and produce high quality entertainment. As an advocate of equality, Mike makes sure you understand that these stories of discrimination and sexism still happen everyday in the corporate world, and to keep an open mind  when reading the short essays, and to become advocates for pay and professional equality. It’s a very touching gesture because as a man, the only thing he can do is open doors for the next group of women looking to breakthrough, to explain to his fellow men that the attitudes towards women have changed. They are here to stay.

The many accounts of discrimination, discomfort, ignorance and sound advice for future game designers are heartfelt, short, sweet and inspiring. Not all is bad when participating in game design and marketing but it can be an uphill battle to be taken seriously as a woman in this male dominated world. The saving grace is that many of the victims decided to take a stand and turned the culture around by becoming advocates for themselves and later for the women that suceeded them. Many opened their own studios and firms, bringing a new perspective to a market that was saturated by the same old ideas. Women making games for gamers, not just gender specific fluff. A challenge and adventure for families and friends to face and enjoy together.

This self published book can be purchased through Amazon and in select Cons. Follow Elisa on the web for more info:

Casted by Izzy Clarke

Young 12 year old Izzy Clarke decided to become a writer. Her goal, to empower girls and show that they can be the heroes of their own stories; that love, compassion, kindness and intelligence are traits that make one beautiful and strong regardless of what outsiders may think. I had the pleasure of meeting this aspiring fantasy author. The magic of her words and dream awe inspiring as she has done what many haven’t dared.

At ECCC 2017. Copyright MrsEnginerd.

Casted, her debut piece, is about a magical world that hides amongst our reality. There is a tribe of runcasters, light and dark spell users that are at war over the Deliverer prophecy. Caught in the middle is 16 year old Emma Westley who tragically lost her parents in a var crash when she was 8 years old. One day, out of the blue, her life is changed forever when Darkcasters appear at the dinner she worked as a waitress and attempt to kill her. When she wakes up after getting knocked out during the attack she is faced with a dilema, help the light casters eradicate the evil magical beings or be persecuted by the dark forces until she pleades allegiance to their cause. The decision is made more difficult by the realization that she must choose to sacrifice her family and friends to destroy Ebonhaunt’s worst enemy.

Check out Izzy’s kickstarter campaign to help her reach her goal for publishing her project Feminist at 15. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for her as a future career woman and author. ¡Éxito Izzy!

The Art of Not Giving A F@#$

Sara Knight became my hero. Her words resonated with me in ways I would never imagine especially since I had started to give 0 f’s about things like weddings and other’s good news. This book gives pointers to be able to do this and not come acros as an asshole, which is the key here: You can be polite and honest without coming across as rude and abrasive.

In case you need to take it slow, the book has sections where you document your thought process for future reference and examination. The workbook aspect is really cool and helps catalogue the f’s you are willing to give. It is a behavior reprogramming workshop and self help session all rolled up into one. All you need is some alone time to meditate and be honest with yourself when engaging in cleaning the mental barn. By the end you will either be entertained or fully converted into an indifference machine. If not, I can’t really understand why you decided to read this provocatively titled volume.

Pair with a glass of wine for full effect. Enjoy!

The Princess Diarist (Book Review)

Carrie Fisher penned this memoir/excerpt of her diary during the filming of Star Wars to make sure fans understood a very important part of her life: her affair with a very married Harrison Ford back in 1976. To ensure that the tale didn’t fall flat, she added pages of the actual scribbles which end up giving a very deep and incredibly insightful look into Princess Leia’s mind during her London days.

After the affair is discussed, Carrie opens up about spending the rest of her life as the iconic interstellar nerd crush. As much as she is Leia and Leia is her, there are many moments when she feels like she can’t live up to the image. Still, she trucks on, making fans happy and ensuring her legacy lives on as Disney takes over her beloved franchise. As she becomes comfortable with her recount, mentioning Billie and Gary a few times, she introduces the reader to the behind the scenes musings of her later years; the star that won our hearts with her witty banter and no nonsense attitude. It is messy, a bit all over the place, but conpletely charming. You will feel like she is talking straight at you, a true testament of how much her fans will miss her.

Take your time with this one. It takes a while to fully get into the groove. However, I think it is worth it. Treat it as a friend spilling their guts out to you for better effect. Wine may be in order.

Thirteen Reasons Why, 10th Anniversary Edition

I picked up this book at my local Costco because it had a sticker that read “Netflix Original”. My goal was to devour it before it hit the screen. If the masters at Netflix manage it well, this adaptation should become an instant hit. Why? It is a tale about suicide, the people that pushed young high school student Hannah to the edge of dispair, and the one person who truly loved her, Clay.

Back to the book…

This 10th anniversary edition is full of extras that help put the author’s journey into perspective since writing a book about suicide is never an easy task. However, Jay nails the teenage angst and anxiety, the raw emotions of fighting to claim your own stake in the world, and the frustration of not being in control of your own image. I read every single word and savored it. The message is poignant and one that we should all adhere to: Everything affects everything.

Clay’s emotional roller-coaster ride is one I can empathize with and one that, like him, I was glad I took by his side. A must read for parents of teenagers and kids alike. Would be an awesome book club topic at any age. I wish I had read it sooner and I am glad many will get to see it come to life. The value of the conversations this subject should elicit are unmeasureable; it could be life changing and more so life saving.


A Dog’s Purpose (Book)

When I picked this book up I misunderstood the premise. I thought it was about the multiple lives of one dog with many families. Turns out the story was rather about reincarnations of the same canine soul into different doggies! To be fair, the concept of reincarnation is not novel and has been around for ages but applying it to dogs made perfect sense, so I was ready to take the plunge. In a way it is like the author implies that you will find the love of those pets you lost in future ones because in a way they will be tied to you, and you to them, forever.

The imagery and narrative are superb. Page after page I was engaged, completely vested in our main character’s success. As Toby becomes Bailey, and Bailey becomes Ellie, you fall in love with the journey this particular soul takes to learn the many tricks it will need to perform great acts of bravery and kindness. By the time we meet Buddy we are already rooting for a happy ending and even though it is up for debate, one is truly satisfied with the manner in which our protagonist views life and perceives mortality. It is a spectacular ride that will have you in tears, especially if you have a pet of your own or have lost one.

The book was so popular that it expanded itself into a series of titles: A Dog’s Journey, which actually sold more copies than its predecessor, Bailey’s Journey, and Ellie’s Journey. Watch the big screen adaptation in theaters starting January 27th, 2017. (Later to be released on video.)

Paw power!

Four Goodreads To Ring in the New Year

Need something to read during your Christmas to New Year’s winter break? These four reads are good all year round and have a little bit for everyone*:

Blink, Malcolm Gladwell

What would you do if you knew your first impressions and judgements are almost always right? Would you be able to trust your instincts or sixth sense? Malcolm Gladwell writes a powerful story to convince you about the hidden power of your brain’s quick decision making processes using examples to prove that, in many cases, your first guess or biased impression is always right! Granted he is more concerned about how we operate as analytical beings and not on mere opinions but the data behind his conclusions are sound. It is for this reason that any book by this author becomes not only quotable but relevant in these modern times. Excellen read for business and technical majors.

Love Warrior, Glennon Doyle Melton

Glennon, of fame, does a marvelous job at recounting her life and journey as a Warrior, especially through her separation, which eventually became a divorce shortly before launching the memoir. It is a gem full of insight, love, growth and self discovery. If you need some guidance to get on your own path to self awareness, take a gander at what the author has to say, especially to her children. Excellent piece on the human condition and how we all need to shed our costumes and masks to fulfill our true destiny.

As You Wish, Cary Elwes

Excellent recount of the behind the scenes magical moments the cast and crew experienced while filming The Princess Bride on location in England. Cary delivers a very eloquent and emotional take on how the team bonded during the production of the film, and how they were able to meet and exceed William Goldman’s expectations. They cried, faced adversity and experienced professional growth together in ways that fans of this cult classic can understand. It was a labor of love, a must read journey into the vision of Rob Reiner and the people behind this sci-fi rom com for the ages. Follow up by watching the movie for greater effect.

The Chemist, Stephenie Meyer

Written as an homage to Jason Bourne and Aaron Cross, with a bit of James Bond flair, Stephenie Meyer created the character of Dr Juliana Fortis to be a badass cross between all three. She is not only a molecular biologist, but Dr Fortis is also one of the world’s best interrogators. Having worked for “The Department”, she is forced to run for her life as the government tries to silence her, covering up her involvement with a biological weapon attack that was stopped but threatens the reputation of all of those involved including a potential vice-presidential candidate. While on the lam she meets up with a set of twins, one of which is a CIA operative caught up in the same web of lies and deceit! By the end of the book the mix of romance, suspense and thrilling actions sequences and plot twists will have kept you entertained for hours. Great read for those in need of a female action star.

*If none of these pique your interest check out the Book Review section of the blog.

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